Thursday, March 24, 2011

Women of Great Faith

We are women who are mothers. Mothers persevere. We take each blow and keep going, because God gave us a special kind of oomph that keeps us going even when things are hard. We do it because our children need us. They need us so very much. And the praise is very small and limited in our line of work. For someone to say, "You work very very hard and I would love for you to take a break and relax..." would instantly send us into a crying puddle...because it is a hard job, and there is very little recognition and feedback. But, there needs to be time for good honest reflection and moments of quiet love where we meet up with that exhaustion. And realize we are doing a good work.

I'm not saying we should exalt ourselves or make more of ourselves than we ought. We have a very real need for a savior and we are all kind of a wreck at our core. But, we have to also be nice to ourselves, compliment ourselves, give ourselves a hug.

I loved this post and I read it three times, crying each time. I hope you enjoy it too. There are mothers the universe over who go through the same things, the same challenges, the same sadness, the same excitement...we are in this together, even when we are separated by households and differences. May all our love unite in support of motherhood today.

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