Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Challenges That Come...

I told Scott this month we should anticipate challenges financially. It just happens that whatever our next topic is, our family gets squeezed and challenged in that area. And so it has been.

A $1,200 van repair bill this week, a month when groceries cost way more than I anticipated because we ran out of EVERYTHING AT ONCE, a grossly expensive propane bill, a new pool sweep, a month of paying medical bills from last month's doctor's visits and lab tests, a month when we could invest a ton in planting and amending the soil for spring crops, and purchasing and feeding a new flock of 20 chickens--an investment for future gain, but we still have to be wise and prayerful stewards...it is all happening to challenge and give us experiences to share I think, and ways to apply what we are learning.

And then...a $1,000 GIFT from my in-laws who had an unexpected tax refund! And then, a $96 check from the health insurance company for claims that were mis-handled last year...WHAAAAAAT??!!!! And then, the challenge of that was, we have to prayerfully tithe and give off this money!!! (We almost didn't!)

We have felt challenged to continue blessing and tithing how he has instructed us through prayer and His word. I know He has said to test Him in this area, and I know that our faithfulness is what He is looking for...regardless of our fleshly fear or anxiety. I also strive to continue being thankful that we have a house, a pool, a van, a JOB, and health insurance...that we have a home that can be used for ministry and hospitality...I mean, seriously, it could be incredibly, so much, remarkably, WORSE!!! But, normally, our tendency would be to complain, and He is gradually training our hearts to look at each of these things as blessings we GET to pay for!

But, whew! I'm financially worn out. Material wealth is truly the root of evil, as the Bible says. It can take over your thoughts and take your trust away from the Almighty. What good challenges these are. And yet, I feel I am to brace ourselves for more...until it doesn't worry me, it doesn't challenge me, it doesn't cause me to bite my nails each month...

Laying up our treasure heavenward is our focus...but it's so hard in this world of tantalizingly sparkly things...

How do you handle money worry?

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