Monday, March 21, 2011

A Question From A Member...

"My little girl is a biter! She doesn't really bite people, other than my husband and me. She bites couches, blankets, toys, books, boxes, name it she bites it! I don't know what to do with her. She isn't biting out of frustration or anger...she just bites for no apparent reason. I am pretty certain it isn't teething because of the way she is biting. She bites off chunks of whatever she is biting. Have you had this problem with any of your little ones? She is 13 months."

Anyone have experience with this? If so, please comment below and help out one of our mommies!


  1. With a little child, you can't reason with them yet...they don't understand that. You need to do something that gets their attention and helps them learn NOT to do that. Once they learn that certain behavior has a negative consequence, they stop and that's a good thing.
    We had a biter -- similar kind of situation.
    Be open minded about this suggestion -- it works GREAT in all discipline situations with children too young to reason:
    A quick "flick" on the top of the forehead immediately following (or during) the unwanted behavior and the word "No" spoken firmly, but not at all harshly does the trick. Depending on the personality it will take from 1 to ? times before the child is confident that the flick is the consequence for this action and they don't want to experience the flick.
    NEVER do that in the face, or on the mouth --- too personal, like an insult...
    But the top of the forehead is direct, the flick is a little sharp feeling to discourage, then the feeling is gone.
    It's amazing how smart they are and how quickly they can respond to this loving correction.
    It worked wonders for our 4 children.

  2. thanks Lori. i have a biter as well and she is older. i am going to try this.