Monday, March 21, 2011


Hi beautiful women! Welcome to our new blog. And special thanks to Rachel for the idea. I will post announcements, encouragement and other MITW information here. Please feel free to comment or not. I am prayerful that this forum will allow us to meet together virtually between meetings without too much distraction from our main priorities, God and our families. I adore you all and can't wait to see your faces again!



  1. This'll be a great way to keep in touch. Thank you for starting it Tara!

  2. yes. I agree. I almost cried when there was no MITW on FB with you Tara. Thank you indeed! Love you

  3. I'm glad too! Great job Tara, you are so gifted with things like this! Wonderful post too:) I always need to be reminded to keep my mouth in check! Xoxo